Punch power is a key attribute every boxer must have to produce the devastating knock out punches the sport is famous for. The land mine press is a great tool for working the muscles of the core, developing explosive punching power and even working the legs.

One problem however when using the landmine press for developing punching power is that in order to capitalise on the explosive power aspect of the exercise, you actually have to let go of the bar, not easy when you have a fair bit of weight on it and you need to catch it on the way down.

The reason using the landmine for developing power won’t actually develop power if not done correctly is that if you don’t let go of the bar, you are actually DECELERATING towards the end of the movement, mainly because your brain doesn’t want to let you rip your own arm off.

Now you see the problem, if I’m throwing a punch at somebody with the intent to deliver power but towards the end of the movement my brain is pre programmed to slow the punch down, I’m going to deliver less power.
The solution to the problem would be to have somebody standing in front of the landmine who will catch the bar and place it back in your hands for the next rep.

I always like to use explosive exercises like the landmine right after some heavy strength work, so for instance, performing a heavy bench press around 85-90 percent of your 1RM (the amount of weight you can muster for 1 rep with good form) for 3-4 reps then straight onto the landmine for the same using a weight you can manage for the same amount of reps. Think about the weight your catching partner can manage without too much of a struggle as well, otherwise the exercise won’t work.

Performing a power exercise after a heavy strength set is done with the aim of taking advantage of a phenomenon known as PAP (Post Activation Potentiation), which in non scientific terms basically means your nervous system is turbo charged and fired up ready for the explosive set.

Try to implement this exercise into your strength and conditioning program. If you don’t have the actual attachments for the barbell you could always place the bar in the corner of a squat rack or in the middle of a weight plate.
Be sure to rotate your hip through in the movement as shown in the video, the same way you would when throwing a backhand punch so your spine doesn’t come under too much stress.

Matt Nuttall Bsc Hons, CSCS. Visit Matt’s personal website: https://www.mattnuttallstrengthandconditioning.com/

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