Shoulder injuries in the world of boxing are quite common, ranging from partial subluxations to full dislocations.

Having suffered both and then undergoing surgery to correct the problem, I know full well the time taken to recover from the injury after an operation.

Taking this into consideration, having some sort of pre-hab work dedicated to the health of your shoulder joint would prove beneficial, as once a subluxation of the joint has occurred there is a tendency for the joint to become more unstable, inevitably leading to full dislocation.

With that in mind here are my top 3 go to shoulder health exercises to throw into your training regime.

  1. Wall angels

With your head, scapulae and glutes pressed against the wall, and your feet around a foot away from the wall, bring your arms up to a 90 degree angle. Keeping the arms touching the wall, slide your arms upwards and try to keep the arms touching the wall.

You will probably find that as your arms travel upwards, they come away from the wall. You may also find that one arm comes away from the wall more than the other which highlights an imbalance between your shoulders. Try not to force your arms up as you will feel a pinching in your trapezius muscle, instead take your time and execute the exercise as far as possible without any pain. Work towards being able to go all the way up with your arms touching the wall.


  1. Face pulls

Attach a rope to a cable station just above head height. Adopt a neutral spine and set your shoulder blades so they are in the correct position. Pull the rope towards your face and pinch your shoulder blades together. Try 3 sets of 10 repetitions with a moderate weight.


  1. Shoulder dislocations

Using a plastic pole or elastic thera-band, start with a wide grip holding the bar in front of you. Take the bar above the head and over the back. If you are using a pole you will have to let it rotate in your hands.


Matt Nuttall BSc Hons, CSCS