Boxers have always been, in my opinion, pretty strong and quite well conditioned. So why would a boxer decide to work with a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

One reason is that the S&C coach is up to date with the latest advancements in sports medicine and sports science. The benefit of this to the boxer could mean the difference between making a particular weight class, punching with more force and power, being more agile, and remaining as injury free as possible.

My own thoughts on the whole strength and conditioning work for boxers is this….If you have two athletes, identical in nature, same height, same weight, same age, same skill set, the stronger of the two athletes will win.

A lot more is now understood about the energy pathways involved in the sport of boxing both at amateur and professional levels, and it is down to the S&C coach to figure out what works best for the particular athlete.

Strength and conditioning work for boxing has been around a long time, and boxers have been successful regardless of their work outside of the boxing gym, the only thing that has changed in recent times is a deeper understanding of what is required for success. There are so many factors to consider so why not let an expert take care of that side of things for you so you can concentrate on developing your ring craft.

Matt Nuttall Bsc Hons, CSCS. Visit Matt’s personal website:

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